Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies

Celebrant wedding ceremony

A celebrant wedding ceremony is not a legally binding ceremony. However, as a member of the Universal Life Church, permission can be sought, allowing me to solemnise the marriage legally.  Please see below the current requirements.

A celebrant wedding ceremony is not a legally binding ceremony.

Most couples choose to head to the registry office beforehand to get the legalities of the marriage done – this can involve a short ceremony, with two witnesses.

Thereafter you can have the Wedding Ceremony – Anywhere, Anyhow, Anyway YOU want.

The key ingredient to making it right for you, is making it as individual as you are.   Each Ceremony is tailor made to reflect you, your personalities, your relationship.

There are many elements which can be incorporated into your ceremony, from Ring Warming, Handfasting, Sand/Salt ceremonies, Unity Candles to Music inspired elements. All of which can include all your guests or just you, the happy couple. The choice is yours


An Avant Garde Wedding Ceremony can offer you a ceremony with few limitations, allowing you to plan the wedding day you dream of.

Ceremonies can have several elements included throughout, to make it unique and as

Individual as you are.

Elements offered: Handfasting, Ring Warming, Sand Ceremony, Unity Candles, Wine Ceremony are just a few of many elements available, you may want to include in your ceremony.

A couple of music inspired elements have been developed which can include your guests – please get in touch for further details.

Wedding service wine ceremony
Wedding element

Wedding elements

Ring Warming – All guests at the ceremony are involved in holding the rings, passed round in a box, bag or the like, each giving them their warmth, hopes, wishes and pledges to the couple. The rings then reach the couple as they are ready to exchange rings.

Sand Ceremonies – A visual and symbolic element of a ceremony which can include the couple and/or members of their family. The blending of different coloured  sands, to signify the blending of individuals, the blending of families. Once the grains of sand have been blended, they shall not be separated, So too are the couple, the families, blended together as one.

Handfasting – The binding together of the couple, symbolised with ribbon,sash, tartan or cord, tying the hands, as your promises, vows are declared to one another. Indeed this element can include other family members and guests.

Unity Candles – Individual candles are lit, representing the Bride(s) & Groom(s). Together lighting a larger candle – which can be personalized – This represents the merging of their two flames – their passion into one larger flame.

Wine Ceremony  – The blending of individual wines or any drink of your choice. The new drink symbolising the new union.

Music Inspired Elements – These elements can include all the guests – From making a mix tape – guests favourite 3 songs written down, then a playlist compiled for future listening. Or a keyboard, recording each guest’s notes – resulting in a full piece/tune representing the couple – created with love from their family and friends.

There are so many elements to choose from, some you may know and some made especially for you, each one making your ceremony completely unique.