About me

Why Me? Why Not?

Hello, I’m Alice, a family and funeral celebrant based in Aberdeen, Scotland.

For many years now, I have often wished to offer others a unique and non traditional ceremony – from alternative weddings to end of life celebrations, every occasion, being as unique and individual as you are.

My journey into becoming a celebrant started with my own wedding.

Living a lifestyle, which others don’t often understand. Scooters, Mods, Vintage Fashion and a love for Music is what we planned our day around.  

Our subcultures, our way of life, our way of celebrating.

Also attending a family friends funeral, I was impressed by the ceremony which was delivered by a humanist celebrant.  I decided after that service, I wanted to do the same.

After much research, I signed up to train with the UK Society of Celebrants – who offer an in depth and full training experience to become a Civil Celebrant.

I wanted to be inclusive to everybody – to allow YOU the choice. I want you to have the ceremony that suits you, not what a society or religion dictate.

You dictate to me, what you would like.

 It is, after all,  your ceremony.

To be surrounded by like minded people, music and subcultures inspire me daily. Being able to offer an alternative to the norm for couples, families and individuals fills me with excitement and wonder.

Some of my favorite things are – Colourful Hair, Tattoos, Scooters, Crows, Vintage Fashion, Furniture and knick knacks. Music – 50’s,60’s Soul R&B, RocknRoll,Psychobilly, Punk, Ska, Reggae – Pretty much anything which ignites my imagination and takes me away from the norm.

Open your mind to the ceremony of your imagination and give it wings.

Alice DJ wearing headphones

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato